NA2: Snowflakes, Wreaths, Butterflies and Flowers!

So last week’s lesson was all about detail drawing! We created snowflakes first… I managed to do three because I had alot of time and Teacher Joe said my snowflakes were ‘Good!’, YAY! I can foresee that these will be popular during Christmas period!

It was hard doing the straight lines of the snowflakes, felt that I was trembling hahaha!


Next… Christmas wreaths! This is the easiest design on that day even though it looks difficult! I can’t seem to get it look ‘featherly’ enough, so I shall try to attempt this design again during my free time!


Butterflies…. I’m in love!!!! I never knew that I can draw butterflies, since they’re so detailed! Hehe, Teacher Joe said my butterfly proportions were ‘Good!’ LOL. I like getting praises from Teachers… it makes me happy!


Lastly, hand-drawn roses! Argh, I really hated these though, I cannot get the ‘moon’ shape right… Sigh! Drawing salon-styled florals is really not my thing!



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