Extension Practice: Acrylic Tip Overlay + French

It’s my holiday period now till mid October and I’m busy clocking hours for self study sessions every week for part of the requirement of my upcoming extension exam!

My nail model, Miao Xian is my guinea pig for practice 2 weeks ago! I did acrylic tip overlay for her and did the blue tips in Gelish Caution, a beautiful dark shimmering blue! I had to do a thick French smile line to cover her free edge!


Here’s how they look after filing and pinching…


And here’s how they look in all angles! Personally, I feel that tip overlay is the easiest to master, French sculptures are the hardest 😡

Anyway, do note that I do not offer any extension services at the moment; until I’m comfortable at my level of skill or if I pass my extension exam! ^^ (I am still looking for nail models to practice, let me know if you’re interested!)






2 thoughts on “Extension Practice: Acrylic Tip Overlay + French

  1. Hi Shona,
    Love the nails that you painted, esp those floral designs. Just wonder will acrylic extensions hurt the nails after the removal etc? If not i will be glad to be your nail model! Are there any pre-requisites to being ur nail model?

    • Yes, extensions will slightly damage the nail plate upon removal. If you’re interested in being a nail model, contact me directly by email or my number! Thanks!

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