Gel Mani: Milkmaid Uniform Inspired

Mabelline picked out the colours that she wanted and then wanted me to do some random lace drawings here and there! Since she picked out colours that resemble the milkmaid’s uniform, I made the lace look like the corset top!


I used Gelish Caution, AngelPro #22 and #47! The ring finger was something special… I dotted dots of different base colours and then added on a ribbon charm! Cute!






2 thoughts on “Gel Mani: Milkmaid Uniform Inspired

  1. i love your blog and your fantastic nails..I do have 1 request tho. I find that the tablecloth pattern and color is really distracting for your gorgeous nails. I think if you had a solid background it would really help your nail color pop. Also I would find it more helpfull for me, if you posted several pics as a tutorial, so I can re-create your nails. Keep up the good work…

    • Haha hello, thanks for your feedback! If you noticed, my previous floral background is even more eye-catching and I’ve since switched to the current one! I don’t really like plain tablecloths though so I’m still going to stick to my current one!

      Sorry I can’t possibly show a tutorial for each design that I’ve posted, it’s too time consuming and isn’t beneficial to me! However, I just did a tutorial on AngelPro Gelly, you can check that post out! In the future, I’ll also be doing more tutorials! Let me know what kind of tutorials you want to see in future and I might include it in my next tutorial! 🙂

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