Gel Mani: Everyone’s Fave Florals!

Another set done with my infamous floral design in a different background colour+ marbling!

Yvonne let me decide what I want for her manicure and I suggested trying florals! Haha and she told me that her kids (she’s a teacher!) was very fascinated with her nails!!! Lol!


I used AngelPro #22, #10, #11 and #47!





3 thoughts on “Gel Mani: Everyone’s Fave Florals!

  1. Hi, I love your nails design! They are great!

    Since I’m living in Malaysia, may I know the price for angel pro gelly polIsh and gelly shine? And also the angel pro acrylic color powder?

    Cause I’m going to Singapore next month and was thinking of buying it. They didn’t sell it in Malaysia.

    Thanks! 😉

    • Hello, thanks for dropping by!

      I’m not so sure of the prices now since they’ve increased prices for AngelPro Gelly. And since I’m a student at Pinkroom, I got student discounts so I’m not very sure of exact pricing. I think I remember the acrylic powder was $158 before discount

    • Oh and what I remember is that AngelPro Gelly base and top is $52! That’s the pricing that I bought months ago, so I’m not so sure whether it’s still the same price now! Heh, that’s the rough gauge! For the colours, I think it’s about $21-$24/bottle, there’s more discounts if you get more bottles! If you want to get the entire 47 colours, it’s only $19/bottle!

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