100 New AngelPro Gelly Colours!

Yes… you’ve read it right! Angel Pro has came up with 100 new concoctions of glitter, pastel, shimmery, nudes, frost colours! So yummy!!!!


Okay, my favourite series from these 100 colours are GP57-63, GP71-77, GP92-98, GP134-140 and lastly GP141-147!!! I think I might splurge on the series that I’ve just mentioned because the swatches are just too pretty to resist!!! 🙂

For my fellow nail technicians and DIY-ers, the preorder starts now! Do come down to Pink Room International Nail Academy located at International Plaza Level 15th (turns out my nail school is not shifting anymore until next year :D) to preorder these babies at a special price!

Pricing as follows:
$21/bottle if you preorder before November
$18/bottle if you order 24 bottles and above
$16.50/bottle if you order ALL 100 bottles!

Do note that the deadline for preorder is 31st October, so hurry down now to place your orders! After the deadline, the prices for the Angel Pro Gelly will be increased! (I do not know the pricing after the deadline yet) Stocks will only arrive in November! Unfortunately… Pink Room International Nail Academy does not have any swatches of the colours yet so you’ll have to rely on the image above to make your choice! 😦 So therefore, do more research by looking through all the photos on Angel Pro Nail SG Facebook!

P.S. To my clients: you’ll be spoilt for choice at my home-based salon in the future! 😛

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