NA3: Airbrush Lesson!

Finally… its airbrush lessons!!! This was one of the lessons that I was looking forward to in learning months ago! However, before I start talking about my learning experience, I wasn’t too delighted in paying $20 for the rental of the airbrush gun (actually we handed $120 to them; $100 was the deposit) for my 6-hour lesson. Reason being is that… shouldn’t it be included in my course fees already?!?! I understand that the other $100 collected for the deposit is IF the students damaged the gun during the lesson but I feel that the fees collected for the rental is absurd. Oh well… :/ just my humble opinion!


Here’s the airbrush gun that I rented from the school!


And then we spent about 1.5-2 hours to control the airbrush by making small, medium and large sized dots! I thought it would be fairly easy, just like spraying paint out of a can! However, it is pretty difficult to control and my hands got really tired at holding the airbrush gun!


Moving on to more exciting things… spraying it on stencils!



And here’s my final work after the 6 hours! There should be more tips displayed but I wrecked them all due to poor control 😦 I picked out the best works to be photographed! We actually did a cloud + balloon design but I messed up the balloon and threw it away in the end! 😦

P.S. as of today, I’ve already completed my Pink Room lessons!! Yippee… So now I’m preparing for my upcoming extension exams!


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