Gel Mani: Floral Crosswords

This is a pretty old design, I remember doing it for a few of my customers this CNY! Irene loved what I did for the florals and requested the same design! I did a minor tweak here and there as she wanted to incorporate red flowers in it too!

Hmm… I’ve been getting alot of requests for old designs recently… I wonder why! 😛


All the art was done with AngelPro Gelly #21, #39, #29, #47; with the exception of the red by ONS I-Gel Indonesian Lava! The overall look of this design is somewhat subtle, compared with what I did for my previous customers in acrylic paint! Acrylic paint does not last as long as gel, but it gives a sharper look! However, if you opt for a longer lasting art; gel is the way to go! AngelPro Gelly is a pure gel and it makes it very easy to draw as I don’t have to go over the colour twice for opacity 😀




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