Gel Mani: Stupid Cupid Stop Picking On Me

Heh, obviously the title is from a Mandy Moore’s song for the Princess Diaries… Ahh love the song and this manicure too! Sharon came by to get her nails done for her upcoming friend’s wedding and its so appropriate to get Cupid on her nails!


I used all Angel Pro Gelly colours for this manicure: #5, #9, #11, #13 and #21! Love all the pastel colours! Each nail is a different combination of stickers, crystals and the ring finger has a white lace + exquisite heart charm! (unfortunately, the charms were a gift from Teacher Jess so I have no extras for future customers… D:)



2 thoughts on “Gel Mani: Stupid Cupid Stop Picking On Me

  1. Whoaaa those charms are crazy! Too bad you don’t have any more, but they look very cool. The title of this post made me love it 12093832389x more than I would have otherwise XDDD

    • I’m still searching for these charms elsewhere so I do hope I get them eventually! Heh thanks, I just suddenly thought of Princess Diaries while drafting out this post 😀

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