Gel Mani: Cupids On Air

On 30th November, my group of nailists friends and I sponsored nail services for Qiu Qiu’s hen night party! I did Yuzhen’s nails, who is one of Qiu Qiu’s best friends πŸ˜€ She chose from a wide array of stickers that we brought and wanted a Cupid theme! The ring finger design is from Ying whilst I did a mix and match of glitters and Cupid stickers for the rest!

I used Angel Pro Gelly #1 and #3!

Sorry the lighting is terrible… because such lighting is meant for sleeping and lazing around (It was at a suite!)




The following 3 photos are grabbed from QiuQiu’s blog!


Very nice leh the decorations!!!!!! Love it!

And photos with Qiuqiu with Ying, Jenrine and Felicia! Haha have to blur Ying’s face out because she requested to be anonymous πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

And the funny part is QiuQiu kindly photoshopped all of us!!! Hahaha LOL! My face isn’t that sharp in person…. I have a chubby face πŸ˜› So thank you Qiuqiu for making me prettier hahaha!



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