Beauty Asia 2013 Haul!

Yay finally ended my exams in my final year of Poly and I get to go to Beauty Asia on the last day!! I went with Ann and had a blast grabbing good deals with her! So here’s what I’ve purchased yesterday…


Cuccio lotions – $9.60 (small), $29.60 (huge)
Files – $15
Buffers – $5
Nail Tek base coats – $6.50/each
Metal foot file – $35
Huge disco balls – $1/each (!!!, unfortunately not many nice colours are left…)
GellyFit matte gel top coat – $19.20 (WTF I’m so interested to try it!!! Matte gel nails woohoo!!!)
Acetone pump – $16 (usual price)
Vivcat Gembox – 2 for $30 (usual price was 1 for $24.95!!!)
ONS acrylic coloured powders – $90/set, buy 3 sets and get a free gel book by Catherine Wong worth $130 (Lol I have like 7 sets of their collections now! ^^)
ONS acrylic clear powders – 2 for $60, original price at 1 for $50 (I regretted not buying more of these because I am going to practice ALOT for my upcoming ONS exam)

Omg, spent so much yesterday… and yet I intend to get more Angel Pro Gelly colours next week… Yikes!!!

Anyway, I find that this year has lesser makeup booths as compared to last year’s… more of nail stuff this year which is so awesome!!! And also got to know many other gel brands, there’s one eco-friendly organic gel and has a green packaging, very go-green cute la! And also a new brand from Korea called GellyFit, sigh wanted to purchase some to try but for a certain range, you have to buy the entire collection of 48 colours! D:

And that’s it for my haul! Actually I didn’t buy alot as compared to my other nailists friends hahahaha!!! 😉


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