Gel Mani: My Melody x Polka Dots

Yuki wanted My Melody nails and luckily on that day I just bought extra 2 packets 😀


She wanted rainbow colours but she had no idea what else to add on so I suggested half-moons and white polka dots to make it extra cute! I used Gelish Waterfield, Angel Pro #9, #10, #13, #25, #47 and Nfu Oh European Life 7!

Sealed in the stickers with my extra thick top coat from Nfu Oh! I love this top coat, it’s simply amazing to have clients come back with their embellishments and stickers intact 😉





3 thoughts on “Gel Mani: My Melody x Polka Dots

  1. I’m subscribed to your feed for awhile now, after searching for gel nail polish swatches and demos.I am kind of curious about your technique, being new to this.Why is it that most of the nails you do, the moon area of the nail is left unpainted?

  2. Shona, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months, since I am new to gel polish.I like your blog.I am curious because most of the nails you do the moons are left unpainted. Why?

    • If you google half-moons, you’d understand why I left them unpainted. It’s part of the design! Although sometimes I paint them too, depends on what my client prefers

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