Gel Mani: Glitter Tipsy

My best friend’s mum always comes to me regularly every 3-4 weeks for a fresh change of mani. But however, this time as she was going to attend a wedding dinner; she has decided to try something new!

 photo DSCN2925copy_zpsc8e8f7ee.jpg

I used Gelle 162 and Gelish Waterfield! Very simple glitter tips and also crystals in small, medium and large sizes 🙂

I’m so glad she liked this one, one of her most daring sets! (Because she always only do one-colour manis) The crystals lasted an entire month until she came for a soak off!

 photo DSCN2929copy_zps4548ef4e.jpg

 photo DSCN2932copy_zps8c106452.jpg


3 thoughts on “Gel Mani: Glitter Tipsy

  1. These are GORGEOUS!
    However, I have a tip. If you put a clear coat over the crystals they lose their facets and some of their sparkle (looks like what happened in the photos). Next time try to add the top coat around the crystals so their facets stay untouched. Customers will notice and definitely appreciate the attention to detail. Worried about the crystals not sticking as well. Don’t worry, nail glue works wonders and applying the top coat around the crystals will help them stay put.

    • I use a very thick top coat from Nfu.Oh Korea for embellishments and stickers. My customers all prefer me to seal the crystals as nail glue does not give them any security as many still manage to drop their crystals. They prefer lasting manicures as oppose to shinier crystals. The gel top coat still gives the crystals its shine but just differently. This is for gel manicures only. For normal manicures, I don’t seal the crystals with top coat. Thank you for your input.

      • Yeah I agree, lasting manicures are more important than shinier crystals. Ill have to try that top coat you use next time I do my nails 🙂

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