Hello everyone, my name is Shona and welcome to Mental For Polish. I am a certified professional nailist since 2012. I started painting my nails ever since I graduated from secondary school to kick off my nail-biting habit. I started discovering the true beauty of polish and nail art and I’d spot a different nail polish on my nails every other day. Love for polish soon escalated to an obsession and hence Mental For Polish was born! (that’s how the word mental comes in)

Before I started my extensive diploma course in Pink Room International Nail Academy in early March 2012, I was a trainee manicurist at a salon for 3 months from August 2011 to November 2011.

I wasn’t satisfied with my basic skills then and was keen to learn more about gel and acrylic nails. Hence, I attended two workshops conducted by Odyssey Nail Systems in ONS I-Gel System in December 2011 and Salon 3D Nail Art Training in early January 2012 — both taught by Jess Puan.

In May 2012, I attended a Hello Kitty + Chanel embossed acrylic art workshop conducted by Rachel Tang, Principal of Pink Room International Academy to improve my embossed nail art skills and also learn new techniques and tricks. Thereafter, I went on to take up another embossed acrylic art workshop in June 2012, where I learnt more cartoon, desserts and Sanrio characters; which is taught 1-to-1 by Erica Chan of Ecsalonce International Nail Academy.

During my 8-month course in Pink Room International Nail Academy, I also took an in-house manicure certification exam in June 2012 and passed with 84.6%.

Besides attending my usual classes and occasional acrylic workshops, Mental For Polish is also a certified Sha-Nail Pro Official Salon and Russian Designer Nails Studio which is taught by Kimi Akazawa and Yoko Naito respectively — both instructors are from Japan.

In August 2012, Mental For Polish became an official Ambassador for Angel Pro Gelly Polish, a gel system from Korea which is 100% gel and has developed a wide range of colours to suit all ages!

To further upgrade myself, I signed up for ONS Conversion Programme offered by Jess and Yoko Design Studio in October 2012. It is a 6-day intensive nail lessons on manicure, gel and acrylic techniques; which are taught using USA methods. I have taken part in their international exams in May 2013 and I’m proud to say that I am now an ONS ambassador!

I have also officially graduated from Pink Room International Nail Academy with a PASS (>80%) in the diploma nail exam taken in December 2012.

To sum it all up, even though I might be new in this industry; I am here to stay. By constantly upgrading my skills and products; rest assured that your nails are fully pampered! As of now, my home-based salon currently owns 400+ normal polishes and 100+ gel colours from reputable brands. I love doing nail art and I hope you do too! I look forward into growing and expanding my nail business in future and I hope you give me your full support. Thank you! 🙂



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