Okay so I’m doing a FAQ to answer those questions that are so frequently asked that I’m kinda tired of typing the same thing out ;P I hope I don’t miss any questions 😉

If I’ve not answered your questions in this page, feel free to email me at shona@mentalforpolish.com


Where are you located?

Services are only available at prescribed time slots stated on my Appointment Availability tab (currently am only working at weekends 10am to 5pm) and I am located at Serangoon, a mere 3 minutes walk from the MRT. I do participate in flea markets occasionally so do check back my blog or Facebook page for announcements!

What are your qualifications?

Please refer to About for more details on my qualifications and experience.

Will I get a discount?

I often give my regulars discount and it depends on a case-by-case basis. I will decide as and when to give discounts when appropriate. Frankly, I don’t have a good impression of people who ask for discounts because my rates and nail art charges are very affordable and reasonable; so I’d reckon you to go elsewhere if you continue to haggle.

What products do you use?

For gelish services, I use products from Hand & Nail Harmony, Artistic Colour Gloss, Angel.Pro, Bling, Gelle, ONS and Nfu Oh. Currently I have 122 soft gel colours and about 400 normal nail polishes to choose from!

For normal polish services, I use Seche Clear/Nail Tek base coat and Seche Vite/Poshe Top Coat. Rest assured, I only use the best quality products for my services! You can view more on my polish stash here!


How do you keep your cuticles clean and neat?

I always push back my cuticles using a orange woodstick whenever I change my polish; which is almost everyday. I also apply Lush Lemony Flutter on my cuticle area to moisturise them right before bed. I also love cuticle oil, I spam those on my cuticles as well after applying my polish.

How do you apply your polish? Do you do any cleanup?

I always drop a bead of polish at the center and then swipe in up. And then both sides really quickly so that my polish doesn’t go starchy. Be careful not to be touching your cuticle if not it would be a big mess. Or… sometimes I just apply polish at the sides and then work my way sideways. Sorry, it’s hard to explain in words on how I apply my polish. :/

Well, everyone makes mistakes and I’m no exception. I’m not a pro so I do cleanup my nails now and then. I always use a cotton bud dipped in polish remover. I rarely do cleanup at my cuticle area because I always leave a small gap when I’m applying polish. Or sometimes I use a orange woodstick to scrape off any excess polish.

Any tips on painting your right hand?

I don’t have any tips but I think practice is key. I couldn’t paint my right hand as well as my left in the beginning. It was super sloppy and polish gets all over my cuticles. If you have the passion and interest for nails, try painting your nails every three days or so. By a few weeks, you can definitely see improvement!

Can I use your photos?

Yes you can but please link back to my site and give full credit. I don’t take photos just for people to steal them.

Where do you store your nail polishes?

Before, I store them on A4 sized grey trays that I bought from Daiso. I had about 4 of these totally full and it was over-crowding my study table. Since then, I bought a Helmer from IKEA and now my nail polishes are in a safe cool place! I’m going to do a nail polish collection soon 😉

Where do I purchase Deborah Lippmann polishes in Singapore?

Ok… this question has been asked countless of times. The answer is eBay! I buy from makeupboutique and she ships directly to my house which is awesome. I love her postage and handling charges too as well as they are very reasonable.

***P.S. Alot of you told me that she isn’t selling any DL on her eBay shop so there’s another site that has Deborah Lippmann and Butter London polishes: http://www.revolveclothing.com/ I have not bought anything from this site before, so buy at own risk! It also ships to Singapore free above $100.

Where did you get your nail art inspiration from?

I’m not a very creative person so most of my nail art are actually from nail art tutorials that I’ve watched and I tried it out. If its an original nail art that I’ve created it myself, I would definitely acknowledge it in that post. I will always post the source which I’ve copied the idea from, be it a photo or a video.

Where do I purchase nail art materials like fimo canes, glitter, orange woodsticks, dotting tools, brushes… etc?

The answer is eBay again! I purchase most of my nail art materials from eBay until this year where I discovered PNC Traders. They do have a whole wide varieties of nail art so if you’re the type of person that you have to see the product before you purchase, that’s the place to go! However, I still think eBay offers the cheapest prices for nail art. Just remember to only purchase from Power Sellers and you’ll never go wrong. You can be assured that you’ll get a refund if the item doesn’t reach you.

Can I you help me buy/order or give me any polishes?

This is a pretty rude question. You want a nail polish, figure out the way to get them yourself. Please stop asking me to get it for YOU. You are just a stranger that I don’t trust. I’ve already given you links and sources where you can get it from.

And I absolutely don’t give away my polishes unless it is a giveaway. I don’t sell my nail polishes either so DON’T ASK.

Where do I buy OPI in Singapore?

1. PNC Traders. $9.50 each.

34 Upper Cross Street
Singapore 050034

Contact: 65342844

2. Tammy

3. Smoochiezz

8 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi Shona! Saw your link from a fellow Filipina, Pam (Polish Police). I’m a lacquerhead as well, heehee! I’m based in Singapore and these where-to-buy links are very very very helpful! I’ll continue reading your blogs ok. You are awesome! 😉

    • Hi Nikki! Thank you! Glad to find a person who’s a nail addict as well! What’s your blog link? Haha I will continue to do my best for my blog :> thank you so much!

    • I believe you are the same person who asked that question on my formspring? Please don’t ask the same question twice at two different places, it gets annoying.
      I got mine from ASOS but currently ASOS do not ship anymore polishes to SG. You can try eBay or their official site to order.

  2. aaah i was totally going to see if you wanted to swap! i’ve been searching and searching for canmake marine blue #25 but unfortunately no one in the USA has it. if interested in swapping let me know what you want and i’ll get it for you! lol

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