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Any questions or reservation of slots; please check Appointment Availability and email to OR text/whatsapp me at 9168 8232 with your preferred timeslot and I will reply you in 24 hours 🙂




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***Pricing for DIFFERENT Soft Gels in the market* (Last update on 22th October 2012)

Harmony Gelish/ Artistic Colour Gloss/ Angel Pro Gelly/ Bling = $30
Odyssey Nail Systems I-Gel/ Nfu Oh Gelist = ADDITIONAL $10 (colour gels, top & base coats are 2X more expensive compared to the other brands in the normal range)
Orly Gel FX = ADDITIONAL $10 (smaller bottle compared to the normal range which means a higher price for a much lesser quantity, thus the price difference)

For Acrylic Services:

I use only the best products in the nail industry for your extensions and acrylic nail art; ONS/ Charisma/ Angel Pro products

Benefits of Spa Manicure/ Pedicure:

Adina Australia Vanilla and Rose Hand Masque: Emits a natural blend of soothing botanicals to soften and draw out any impurities of the skin, making you feel completely rejuvenated.

Adina Australia Tea Tree & Peppermint Foot Masque: Provides an intense moisture boost, leaving the skin feeling soft and refreshed. Blended with Tea Tree essential oils to deodorize and calm tired feet.

Aloe Vera Polka Dot Nail Mask: It helps to restore moisture the dry brittle nail by its rich aloe vera extract and the moisturizing properties with the high ability to keep hydration in the keratin structure. Leaving a revitalized and stronger nail. Suitable for dry and weak nails.


7 thoughts on “Service Menu

      • thank you (: ohh, btw, i just saw ying’s blog. troubled cuz both of your designs look so pretty and idk which one of you to go to for my prom nails ><

      • Haha thanks 🙂 all you have to do is check your availability with our slots as Ying’s appointment schedule fills up rather quickly! ^^

  1. Hi, for the acyclic sculpture extension, the complimentary hard gel means there is colour over it right? Then if I wan nail art, I can choose and u will do on the hard gel right?

    • Hello, complimentary hard gel is a clear top coat on top of the acrylic extensions. Additional gelish colour is $15 and with nail art will be charged as usual.
      Unfortunately, hard gel and soft gel (gelish) is unable to mix. Therefore if u choose to add a gel colour and nail art, the hard gel top coat will not be used. Hope that clears your doubt! 🙂

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