Gel Mani: Ribbons

This design was posted by Ying for Lancome lookbook! Audrey loved the design and told me to recreate it using similar colours!

 photo DSCN3339copy_zpscf444cc8.jpg

I used Angel Pro #13, #35 and Orly Gel FX Luxe! Initially wanted to place some studs on the ribbons’ center but however my studs isn’t suitable as it was too big so we switched it up with gold gel polish instead!

 photo DSCN3338copy_zpsfc02aee7.jpg

 photo DSCN3340copy_zps48b5dd1d.jpg


Gel Mani: Infinity Bows v.2

Geraldine wanted to do the same design that I did ages back for one of my clients, only in a different colour scheme!

 photo DSCN3341copy_zps37467cf1.jpg

I used Angel Pro #13, #23, #47 and Orly Gel FX Shine! As it was for her sister’s wedding, she wanted to bling it up a little! Love how well the crystals looked with the entire set 😉 I also love her broad nail bed! Stay tuned for her sister’s wedding nails in the next post!

P.S. I used a different cuticle oil this round – China Glaze which resulted in redness near the nails, so don’t fret!

 photo DSCN3342copy_zps4af4608e.jpg

 photo DSCN3343copy_zps4518b597.jpg

Gel Mani: Dancing Ribbons

Silly me forgot to take pics of Shu Jun’s mani ;( but luckily I have nice customers that don’t mind sending me theirs! ;D

Half-moons with simple ribbons, I love these! Makes me happy when I look at them!

 photo IMG_6760copy_zps7fc405b3.jpg

Gel Mani: Colour Block Scallops

Magdelene chose a very interesting set from a nail art magazine!


I used Angel Pro #9, #13, #47 and Gelle 177 and 187 for this look and lastly used Orly Gel FX Shine to line the scallop tips! A very interesting mixture of colours… super unique! I also added very tiny polka dots at the centre of the nail; so cute!


Gel Mani: My Melody x Polka Dots

Yuki wanted My Melody nails and luckily on that day I just bought extra 2 packets 😀


She wanted rainbow colours but she had no idea what else to add on so I suggested half-moons and white polka dots to make it extra cute! I used Gelish Waterfield, Angel Pro #9, #10, #13, #25, #47 and Nfu Oh European Life 7!

Sealed in the stickers with my extra thick top coat from Nfu Oh! I love this top coat, it’s simply amazing to have clients come back with their embellishments and stickers intact 😉




Gel Mani: Leopard Hearts

Rachel wanted a set a subtle leopard heart print design suitable for important meetings at work! So she showed me a design from the internet and here’s the results!


I used AngelPro #1, #3 and #39 for the base colours and then used AngelPro #9, #11, #13, #21 for the colourful leopard prints and lastly Nfu Oh Golden Key 1 for the silver gitter and Orly Gel FX Shine for the lining of the half-moons! So pretty!