Gel Mani: Paddlepop Floral Garden

Jiahui chose a fresh change of nail designs this time round! The florals are done with a different technique with lots of colours used! 🙂

 photo DSCN3037copy_zpsc35b4be3.jpg

Sorry, not gonna list all the colours here as there’s too many!!! Lol my entire manicure table was filled with bottles of polish after the session haha! There’s 3 designs going on here; florals, paddle pop and a daisy with disco ball bits from erikonail!

Tried a different technique this time round, did lots of blending of colours! Added crystals for the finishing touches! Love this ❤ my favourite nail design is the daisy! What about yours?

 photo DSCN3036copy_zpscf4281e0.jpg

 photo DSCN3035copy_zps2c97c60b.jpg


Gel Mani: Embossed Roses with Purple Glitter

This is one of my most outstanding sets that I’ve done! Angelia gave me a good challenge, embossed roses for her ROM 🙂 I think this is the first time I’m doing embossed roses for my client!

 photo DSCN2993copy_zpsca54b023.jpg

She wanted a soft lilac purple so I chose Angel Pro #5 and layered #61 on top. Added laces on alternate nails, stuck on crystals and of cause sculpted embossed roses. I also added gold bullion beads to the roses to make it look even more 3D! Super love this set ❤

 photo DSCN2987copy_zps0224684f.jpg

 photo DSCN2990copy_zps195a3208.jpg

 photo DSCN2988copy_zps552c551b.jpg

Gel Mani: Dancing Ribbons

Silly me forgot to take pics of Shu Jun’s mani ;( but luckily I have nice customers that don’t mind sending me theirs! ;D

Half-moons with simple ribbons, I love these! Makes me happy when I look at them!

 photo IMG_6760copy_zps7fc405b3.jpg

Gel Mani: Lilac Leopard

Irene wanted something purple and leopard for her mani!


Super bling set this time round, using a wide array of my purples! The base colour is Angel Pro #5 and Bling B023 and then I used Angel Pro #28 and Nfu Oh European Life 7!

I then used a wide variety of my Swarovski crystals and bullion beads for her ring finger and then Chanel charms her thumbs! Love this set!

Sorry for the pic spam, I really like this one and I did a similar set for my pedi 😉





Gel Mani: Stupid Cupid Stop Picking On Me

Heh, obviously the title is from a Mandy Moore’s song for the Princess Diaries… Ahh love the song and this manicure too! Sharon came by to get her nails done for her upcoming friend’s wedding and its so appropriate to get Cupid on her nails!


I used all Angel Pro Gelly colours for this manicure: #5, #9, #11, #13 and #21! Love all the pastel colours! Each nail is a different combination of stickers, crystals and the ring finger has a white lace + exquisite heart charm! (unfortunately, the charms were a gift from Teacher Jess so I have no extras for future customers… D:)


Gel Mani: Studded Affair

Lin came by to get her nails done for her company’s gala dinner and for her London trip! She wanted either floral art with studs or lace with studs and she ended up choosing the latter! I finally get to use Russian Designer Nail stickers and its beyond gorgeous! Take a look:


I used Artistic Colour Gloss Wham and Angel Pro #5! I added a square and round stud for the rest of the fingers and lace stickers for her accent thumb and ring finger! These Russian nail stickers are very thin, easily concealed with a gel top coat!




P.S. I asked my brother for any title ideas for my blog posts and he suggested naming this post as ‘Gardens By The Bay’ cuz he said the lace design looks like the structure of the building! LOL