Gel Mani: Striped Phenom

Teresa has really really long nails!!!! So happy to do this mixed set for her as requested from a picture!

 photo DSCN3890copy.jpg

Because her nails are really long, I was able to use a bigger pearl for the embellishments! So pretty! I also like the accent ring finger with black and silver checks! The rest of the plain nails have a round gold stud in the middle!

 photo DSCN3891copy.jpg

 photo DSCN3892copy.jpg

 photo DSCN3889copy.jpg


Gel Mani: Fit for a Bride

One of my boyfriend’s cousin got married last week and this is what I did for her!

 photo DSCN3774copy.jpg

As her nails are really tiny, I couldn’t do too elaborate nail art! These are cute and pretty 🙂 I used AngelPro #3, #47 and Gelish Waterfield!

 photo DSCN3773copy.jpg

 photo DSCN3775copy.jpg

Gel Mani: Animal Kingdom

Magdelene showed me a variety of pics for her mani! Omg this is too cute!

She initially wanted all pandas but then I convinced her to have different animals for each finger! 😉


So there you have it… Panda, frog, pig monkey and penguin! 😀




Gel Mani: Lace Half-moons

Had a housecall in the beginning of December with Ying and Andrea wanted something Christmassy and chose Gelish Queen of Hearts! 😀

Although she had short nails, she wanted lace around the half-moons and that’s what I did!


Used Angel Pro 47 to draw the excellent detailed lines! Love this simple look!



Gel Mani: Christmas Buddies

A simple Christmas set for Laura! 🙂


A different reindeer this time and Santa of cause! Design adapted from a pic that Laura sent me! Honestly, this reindeer looks like a peanut LOL! I used Harmony Gelish Just In Case Tomorrow Never Comes for the base and Gelle 140 for the skin tone color!