Gel Mani: Angular

I did this same design on my nails a few days weeks back and Samantha wanted to do the same before her overseas trip!

Look at her gorgeous nail beds! Heh I had fun sticking on all the multi coloured disco balls 🙂

 photo IMG_4935copy.jpg

 photo IMG_4936copy.jpg

 photo IMG_4933copy.jpg

 photo IMG_4934copy.jpg


Gel Mani: Paisley Print

Happy Vday to all of you! Been slacking off posts for a little bit but I’m back!

Kaylee wanted this paisley print with a galaxy glitter blue colour, so pretty!

 photo IMG_4127copy.jpg

Love how intense the blue glitter complements the nude with black drawings! 😀

 photo IMG_4125copy.jpg

 photo IMG_4128copy.jpg

 photo IMG_4129copy.jpg

Gel Mani: Monochrome Chic

Rachel showed me a design from @thenailartelier and wanted the exact same design for CNY!

I really love doing monochrome sets because you can really mix and match different designs as long as they are in black/white!

 photo IMG_3574copy.jpg

I’ve got to focused a lot more as I have to keep the lines really straight 🙂
I’m glad it turned out well with the embellishments! 😀

 photo IMG_3576copy.jpg

 photo IMG_3575.jpg

Gel Mani: Fortune Kitties!

I’m finally back to blogging, after a long weekend of Chinese New Year holidays! The past two weeks have been hectic for me as I was so busy with nails and school! Time for my long-awaited break 😀

 photo IMG_3528.jpg

This year, fortune kitties has been a hot favourite! Bernice wanted these on her thumbs for good luck! I suggested pairing with disco balls and a pink v-french tip to keep it simple but yet still sparkly! 😀

 photo IMG_3522.jpg

 photo IMG_3525.jpg

Hope you guys enjoyed your CNY too 😀

Gel Mani: Santa Minions

Happy new year 2014 everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, I was in Vietnam for 5 days and now I’m back! ^^ I still have a couple more Christmas sets so bear with me for the next few postings! 🙂

 photo IMG_2271copy.jpg

This one is pretty cute, I’ve been dying to do minions and this santa version is soooo freaking cute! I did two versions of the santa according to the pic that Laura sent me! One is wearing overalls while one is wearing a santa suit!

 photo IMG_2272.jpg

 photo IMG_2274copy.jpg

 photo IMG_2275copy.jpg

Acrylic Extensions + Gel Mani: Black Gradient!

Jia Le came today for her first manicure! Because she had her nails short, she wanted to do acrylic extensions with simple gradient!

Look at her tiny nails! Haha, her last finger is really super cute, one of the smallest nails that I’ve worked with! 🙂

 photo IMG_1679.jpg

I’m glad she loves the result of doing extensions, and she was indeed amazed at how gorgeous her nails look now! 😀 She even got daring enough to try on the embellishments 😀

 photo IMG_1685copy.jpg

 photo IMG_1686copy.jpg

 photo IMG_1682copy.jpg