Gel Mani: Marc Jacobs Daisies

Jiahui chose this sweet daisies which are kinda inspired by Marc Jacobs!

Did alternate colours and florals for both hands, spot one finger which has the embellishments! XD

 photo IMG_4860.jpg

 photo IMG_4861copy.jpg

 photo IMG_4859copy.jpg


Gel Mani: Paisley Print

Happy Vday to all of you! Been slacking off posts for a little bit but I’m back!

Kaylee wanted this paisley print with a galaxy glitter blue colour, so pretty!

 photo IMG_4127copy.jpg

Love how intense the blue glitter complements the nude with black drawings! 😀

 photo IMG_4125copy.jpg

 photo IMG_4128copy.jpg

 photo IMG_4129copy.jpg

Gel Mani: Paddlepop x Choco Drips

Kang Ting wanted something fun for her nails for Christmas instead of doing the norm! (I know… I’m still backtracking my posts, bear with me!!)

 photo IMG_1964copy.jpg

Doesn’t it look like paddle pop ice cream dipped in chocolate? So yummy! I wish there is a ice cream that looks like that though!

Anyway, this set really makes me smile because of all the happy and cheerful colours! 😉

 photo IMG_1961copy.jpg

 photo IMG_1962copy.jpg

 photo IMG_1963copy.jpg

Gel Mani: Heart Paddlepop

Sorry for the lack of updates again! I started school this week and I had work and nails to juggle in between so hence the delay in posting!

I still have 3 slots before CNY so do hurry to book yours if you’ve not done so teehee!

 photo IMG_1031copy.jpg

I suggested this design to Kaylee as she wanted something different but yet colourful! Lots of colours are used for this one and it’s very taxing as I had to do one nail at a time to prevent smudging!

 photo IMG_1033copy.jpg

 photo IMG_1032copy.jpg

Gel Mani: Comic Popart

Sorry for the lack of updates despite having holidays! :/

Amelia chose this very challenging design for me, I was almost cross-eyed after doing this because of all the small detailing such as the black outlines! I did all the art in gel except the black outline which was done in acrylic paint! 😀

 photo IMG_0983copy.jpg

Heh sometimes I really love a great challenge, and I’m glad this set turned out much better than expected 😀

 photo IMG_0982copy.jpg

 photo IMG_0981copy.jpg