Gel Mani: Christmas Mashup

Angelia wanted a mix of everything, design taken from the internet! There’s checks, teddy bear, Christmas tree and snowflakes! Woohoo, totally into the festive mood after doing this 😀

 photo IMG_1948copy.jpg

My favourite is the Christmas tree, done with marbling! Also embellished with lots of coloured crystals ❤

 photo IMG_1950copy.jpg


Gel Mani: Comic Popart

Sorry for the lack of updates despite having holidays! :/

Amelia chose this very challenging design for me, I was almost cross-eyed after doing this because of all the small detailing such as the black outlines! I did all the art in gel except the black outline which was done in acrylic paint! 😀

 photo IMG_0983copy.jpg

Heh sometimes I really love a great challenge, and I’m glad this set turned out much better than expected 😀

 photo IMG_0982copy.jpg

 photo IMG_0981copy.jpg

Gel Mani: Pororo and Friends

Shui Yan picked this design from Cynful Nails, I merely just copied the exact same design and colours! 🙂

 photo DSCN3795copy.jpg

I’m sure many of you watch Running Man (a Korean variety show which I’ve been watching religiously for the past 2 years!) and one of the celebrities was nicknamed Pororo which is the name of a cartoon penguin!

Many colours were used so I shall not list them down here but the other nails are its initials and Pororo’s friends!

 photo DSCN3794copy.jpg

 photo DSCN3791copy.jpg

 photo DSCN3792copy.jpg

Gel Mani: In A Trance

Ok I shan’t name this galaxy nails anymore cuz I have another mani with the same name! Lol.

 photo DSCN3763copy.jpg

Mabelline wanted galaxy nails and we chose green, blue and purple for the main colours! Super love the gradient effect! Also, I added lots of glitter which sadly, you can’t see it in the photos 😦

Love love love! Just that its abit tedious doing it as I have to do it layer by layer, colour by colour! But the effect turns out spanking good so its all worth it 🙂

 photo DSCN3765copy.jpg

 photo DSCN3766copy.jpg

 photo DSCN3764copy.jpg

Gel Mani: Heart Tips x Leopard

Ruping chose heart tips and matching colored leopard print! I actually forgot to post her previous mani so lookout in the next post!

And sorry for not posting for the past few days, got really tired from uni 😦

 photo DSCN3729copy_zpsc4f69fdb.jpg

Anyway I’m not going to list the colors so do look out for the tags!

 photo DSCN3731copy_zps52bfb10e.jpg

 photo DSCN3732copy_zpscabec05c.jpg

Gel Mani: Ombre Drips

Cheryl wanted an ombré dripping design so this is my take! The original inspiration was having a gold base and then white with blue drips. Cheryl did not want the gold so we kept the rest of the design in just white + blue colours!

 photo DSCN3388copy_zps7171f081.jpg

I used 3 different blues for this design, Angel Pro #25 and #27 and Gelle 177! I love it, they all looked so well together! I’m interested to see how it looks for other colours 😀

 photo DSCN3390copy_zps5a5a2911.jpg

 photo DSCN3389copy_zpsba1d0936.jpg

Gel Mani: Floral Ribbons

Michelle got some cute pedi art done! Sorry for the blurry pics 😦 this was the one that turned out the best out of so many pics!

Design taken from Girls Pic, very cute floral ribbons lined in gold with a cute gold heart stud in the middle! FEMININITY OVERLOAD!

 photo 20130707_124830copy_zpscaa4bf46.jpg