Beauty Asia 2013 Haul!

Yay finally ended my exams in my final year of Poly and I get to go to Beauty Asia on the last day!! I went with Ann and had a blast grabbing good deals with her! So here’s what I’ve purchased yesterday…


Cuccio lotions – $9.60 (small), $29.60 (huge)
Files – $15
Buffers – $5
Nail Tek base coats – $6.50/each
Metal foot file – $35
Huge disco balls – $1/each (!!!, unfortunately not many nice colours are left…)
GellyFit matte gel top coat – $19.20 (WTF I’m so interested to try it!!! Matte gel nails woohoo!!!)
Acetone pump – $16 (usual price)
Vivcat Gembox – 2 for $30 (usual price was 1 for $24.95!!!)
ONS acrylic coloured powders – $90/set, buy 3 sets and get a free gel book by Catherine Wong worth $130 (Lol I have like 7 sets of their collections now! ^^)
ONS acrylic clear powders – 2 for $60, original price at 1 for $50 (I regretted not buying more of these because I am going to practice ALOT for my upcoming ONS exam)

Omg, spent so much yesterday… and yet I intend to get more Angel Pro Gelly colours next week… Yikes!!!

Anyway, I find that this year has lesser makeup booths as compared to last year’s… more of nail stuff this year which is so awesome!!! And also got to know many other gel brands, there’s one eco-friendly organic gel and has a green packaging, very go-green cute la! And also a new brand from Korea called GellyFit, sigh wanted to purchase some to try but for a certain range, you have to buy the entire collection of 48 colours! D:

And that’s it for my haul! Actually I didn’t buy alot as compared to my other nailists friends hahahaha!!! πŸ˜‰


My Experience at Beauty Asia 2012

I wasn’t planning to go in depth about my haul purchases from Beauty Asia but I shall do it since there’s a few requests for this! πŸ˜€ Beauty Asia is a annual trade fair for professionals in this industry, we all had to register with our name cards! I heard about Beauty Asia last year but I didn’t manage to visit the fair because I wasn’t exactly a ‘professional’ then, I was only a nail polish addict; hahaha! But I was afraid that I might be turn down because I’ve heard a couple of my friends getting turned down because they didn’t register earlier so I did not want to risk going there and yet going back empty-handed, lol.

So I was pretty hyped up about this year’s Beauty Asia because I knew there were alot of discounts for lots of products! I went there on the first day with Ying and Felicia and registered on the spot and I was completely overwhelmed. There was so many booths selling products that I really wanted! Because I was on a tight budget then, I only brought $50 thinking that I might not spend as much but boy was I wrong!!


The above picture shows my haul from the first day:
– Buffers, $6 per pack
– IBD nail glue, $3 each
– Hexagon Glitters, $3 each
– Nail & Harmony Files and Buffer, total $6
– Super shining crystals, $4
– Nail Tek base coat set, $10
– Artistic Colour Gloss top coat, $16

I was mentally making wishlists in my mind because I wanted to buy so many things!! The Nail Tek base coat set was originally $12 but Ying arrived at the fair earlier and managed to get them at $10 per set (how sneaky are they to change the prices after merely a few hours!!) and she offered to sell me one of hers cuz she bought 6 sets, omg! Ying also sold me one of her ACG top coat since she bought 5 of them (she purchased 12 ACG polishes to get the cleanser free!)

Prices were really low for ALL products, let’s see whether I can remember most of them!

Misa, China Glaze polishes: $5/each
Orly: $6/each
Zoya: $7/each
Deborah Lippmann: $19/each
Gelish, Artistic Colour Gloss: $16/each (free pH bond if buy more than 6 bottles for gelish, free cleanser if buy more than 12 bottles of ACG)

When I reached home that night, I was sure that I am going back to the fair to get more items because I really couldn’t pass up those discounts! True enough, I went back to the fair on the last day with my Dad (since we both ended our exam for that day at the same time).


2nd haul:
– ONS monomer, $90
– ONS acrylic powder, 2 for $100
– Gelish colours, $16 each + free pH bond
– Gelish structure gel, $15
– Super shining crystals (I got it in a different design), $4
– Massage lotion, $5
– Poshe top coat, $6 each
– Big nail clipper, $1.80

Guess I went kinda overboard on the last day cuz some prices of the products did drop significantly as most of them are trying to clear their stock. The Gelish structure gel cost only $15 that day instead of $18 (I inquired about the price on the first day) and Gelish polishes are $15/each instead of $16/each! However, there is no free pH bond if you’re paying $15/each. I figured I can save more if I pay $16/each because of the free pH bond! πŸ™‚

My best buy was products from ONS. If you’ve heard of ONS, it is really expensive! I met my ONS teacher there, Jess! I wanted to get red and black acrylic powders and she recommended me the primary collection which has 8 basic colours of acrylic powder! (I originally wanted to get the ONS tray of 8 colours which I got from the nail workshop but those collections did not have red or black acrylic powder. Usual price was $184.40 for the tray of 8 colours and it was going for $82 at the fair, awesome deal!) The offer that day was 2 boxes of acrylic powder at $100 so I got another autumn collection! The usual price for one box was probably close to a $100 so I’m glad I saved alot! From the nail course that I took from ONS, I was only given a 114ml of monomer and I am already halfway through that from practicing so I decided to get a huge bottle of monomer, 450ml. The original price of the 450ml monomer is about $130+, I think!

Yep so that sums up my haul from Beauty Asia! Definitely going back next year to grab more goodies!! πŸ˜€

*Got spotted by a fellow reader there, thank you for coming up and talk to me, I was really glad! πŸ™‚

Lotsa Haul Goodies!!!

I went a little bit crazy last night and bought quite a number of stuff that I’ve been eying on for a few weeks now. I went straight to the Chanel’s counter at Orchard Tangs and I was surprised that they still have Morning Rose instock!!!! πŸ˜€ Can you sense my joy??? Haha, if I can have Beige Petale, I’m complete lolol!

Topshop nail polishes, $13 each
Chanel nail polishes, $36 each

So apparently they had a 15% off for sales items in Topshop for members so I went to take a look. There wasn’t much items that I like under their sales section but I caught a couple of items that I really want but it was too expensive. They have this flowy silk beige/brown long sleeve shirt going for $59 and also this denim camel brown jacket for $69! Both are so gorgeous but…. no way for my wallet. ;( I ended up purchasing a pair of Moto high-waist shorts so that they’re good to go for school! And I always get sucked into buying their underwear *winks*

Topshop High Waist Moto Shorts, $66
Lingerie, $13 each

Here are some tops that I tried it with:
This ‘top’ is actually a dress hahahaha, looks so weird!

Please ignore the spastic face, HAHAHA! I didn’t even notice the expression till I got home! This top was under the sales section and it was going for $29! I would have bought it if it wasn’t for the big arm holes at the side. I don’t really approve of showing my bra in public πŸ˜›

Haha then I went to another Topshop outlet and browsed through their makeup section! Haha obviously I was only eying on the polishes lol. I’ve swatched the colours on my colour wheel and I’m really impressed with the quality and the brush.

And lastly, I went to Sephora to get Hand Food; Soup and Glory hand cream! I’ve heard great reviews about this brand and I couldn’t wait to try it! I think I will use it on my legs as well. Lately, it’s so dry that my skin keeps cracking and peeling. And it smells so good!!! Hahaha I was taking full advantage of the tester displayed!

I wanted to get the mini bottle but after comparison with the normal bottle, I bought the normal version instead. Mini bottle cost $7 for 50ml, Normal bottle cost $11 for 125ml.
Hand Food; Soap and Glory Hand Cream, $11 for 125ml

Prices stated are without discount. So that’s my haul! It’s been ages since I’ve shopped so much!

Thanks for looking πŸ™‚

Claire’s Nail Mail!

It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday. Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah), Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah), Fun, fun, fun, fun, Lookin’ forward to the weekend

So my lovely friend Tennekka atΒ The Polish Parade sent me a couple of polishes just because she requested a swatch and I did it for her. Isn’t she sweet? I can’t believe it that there are people out there that are so generous! She didn’t tell me what she sent so she kept me in suspense all this time until last night when I received this beautiful package!


I did mention to her that I wanted to try Claire’s Mood Polishes (because they are so fun and wasn’tΒ availableΒ in Singapore) and she remembered and got me 4 of those! πŸ™‚ This is a great opportunity for me to try Claire’s polishes πŸ™‚

Thank you, Tennekka πŸ˜‰ You’re too kind! πŸ˜€

Anyway, I got soooo excited that I had to try these out! I chose Claire’s Flirty/Shy for today’s NOTD! I’ve tried mood rings before and NOTHING is as exciting as these! But unfortunately,Β I can’t seem to make my polish change colour! 😦 I’ve tried taking a cold shower but my nails didn’t change colour at all. It stays the same… I wonder if it’s because of the weather in Singapore? 😦 Does anyone have any better ideas for me to try?

I did 2 coats and I find that these dry matte (kinda like a mix between satin and matte!).Β Β The formula was a bit thick, but still manageable to work with!Β I guess it will take me a couple of days to try all the polishes, so do stay put!

Without topcoat



Next up is Claire’s Excited/Bored!



In the meantime, do drop over to The Polish ParadeΒ to search for OPI swatches or join her in the quest to search for more OPI swatches!

Haul: Sandals, Nail Art Accessories and Bracelets!

Hello!!! So I went for a mini shopping spree after school yesterday at Jurong Point (Boon Lay MRT station) and I bought a few goodies! πŸ˜‰

Rubi Bracelets, $2 each.

Seriously I just bought them because they’re cheap. I hardly wear bracelets but the green bracelet matches one of my shirts and the purple is just so irresistible, its my favourite shade of purple! πŸ˜€

Nail Art Accessories at Beadtle Sweet, $3.90/packet.

I gave up finding 3D ribbons on eBay because either they’re not that pretty or that they’re just too expensive! I settled for these after seeing it in the store, too cute! My favourite is the red ribbon! They have lots of varieties of these, they even have fimo, clay flowers etc! I know there’s another outlet at Plaza Singapura too!

See close-up shots here: 3mm off white half pearl, 3D pink ribbon, 3D red ribbon

Rush Sandals, $15.

Even though the soles are made from rubber and are ugly, the salesgirl told me that when its raining, I will not slip and fall! I like this type of sandals because it is so versatile and it really goes with anything I wear!

Ok that’s all for my mini haul post! πŸ™‚ sorry for the lack of HD in my photos, I took them at night and this is how it turned out :/

Sigh I have a scuba diving meeting at 5pm and I’m off from school at 1pm!! Luckily I just borrowed a new book from the school library πŸ™‚ gonna take the time to read it!

Haul: T-shirts, Nail Polish, Rings… … at Genting!


Hey guys, I’m back! πŸ˜‰ It sucks not being able to blog for the past three days, I felt like I was being constrained! I had a lovely time, well-spent with my family! There wasn’t alot of things to buy at Genting but I managed to score a few! My boyfriend and I did go to the theme park but many of my favourite rides wereΒ temporarilyΒ closed! So we didn’t even ride any of the thrilling rides because Β it was either long queues for the rides or they were closed! 😦 😦

But we did shop alot…

Owl Rings: RM10 each
I’m obsessed with rings and owls. Perfect combination. I think I have about 5-6 owl rings already but that didn’t stop me from getting more! There is a Thailand fair when I was at Genting, a huge booth with lots of accessories, apparels, bags and shoes! It’s so hard to get such rings for only $4.20 in Singapore! (I divide Singapore’s currency against Malaysia’s currency of 2.38!)

Cute Handphone Straps: 4 for RM10
AHHHH so adorable!! I spotted the dolphin one first and that made me buy the other three since it was going for $10 for 4! I might give these away to my friends but I want to keep the dolphin one! πŸ˜€


Elianto Nail Polishes: RM10 each (Top photo: Shining Ebony, Persian Indigo, Mahogany; Bottom photo: Glittery Nickel, Burnt Umber, Racing Green)

I know I can get Elianto nail polishes in Singapore but they are so much cheaper in Malaysia! I love the packaging for this collection, kinda reminds me of Anna Sui! They have this rose pattern on the bottle cap which I did not capture in my photo! And I love that such drugstore brands have names!!!!! I really hate codes for my polishes.


Junkfood Tees: RM33 each
These were a steal!!!! Authetic Junkfood tees at only RM33! I didn’t know Genting had a FOS (Factory Outlet Store), there’s a whole lot of American brand tees at cheap prices! I think these were old designs hence the need to clear them. My boyfriend got 2 of these tees as well πŸ™‚

That’s pretty much everything I’ve got! I’ll be back doing swatches/ nail-of-the-days from tomorrow! πŸ˜€ thanks for looking!

Haul: OPI and Nail Art Accessories @ PNC Traders!


Yay my first haul post!!! So I went to PNC Traders again today to swap my double polishes and bought a few more goodies for myself! I’ll list the prices and my thoughts on these products so not to worry! PNC Traders has become my favourite nail supplies store because some of the things there are actually very cheap! (compared to other places. Of cause, some of their stuff is expensive like acrylic paint etc which I will turn to eBay!)

I did not feature OPI Femme de Cirque Softshades collection in this haul because I’m going to give detailed reviews and swatches of them! So let’s move on…

Nail Polish Remover, $4.50 each for 16 fluid ounces which is about 473ml!

I seriously love their nail polish remover. I can’t compare these with OPI, Seche or Zoya Remover Plus because I have none of those but it removes fairly easily with just a swipe of a cotton ball. I’ve been buying from them ever since and I stock up quite abit because I don’t want to keep going back there to get more. (at the same time, I wouldn’t be spending more money on polishes!)

They also have many different nail polish removers, like pure acetone, $5.50 each and those without acetone! (I didn’t ask for the price, sorry!) I have one bottle of pure acetone from PNC and its powerful. It’s so great at removing glitter!

Toe Separators, $0.60 each
Rhinestones Picker, $2.50 each

This is actually my first pair of toe separators! Haha I usually try to keep my toes apart when I’m painting them and its sooo hard! I have to redo my toes many times because they don’t stay still for long. I didn’t get a proper rhinestone picker before because it was retailing at around $6+ for the exact same piece online and I didn’t buy it because of the price! So I actually used my dotting tool to pick up rhinestones before. So no more using dotting tools to pick up rhinestones πŸ˜‰

OPI Polishes, $9.50 each (From left: Purple With A Purpose, Green-Wich Village, Sweet Heart)

I picked up Sweet Heart and Purple With A Purpose because it was highly recommended by Elle and Blair in their Youtube videos! Green-Wich Village was an impulse buy, I just wanted a weird shade of green to add to my collection.

Logo stick-ons, $4 per packet

Ahhh… these are pretty cute! Who wouldn’t want brand names on their fingernails? I HAVE TO GET IT. There are other brand names as well like Cartier, Gucci etc. There wasn’t any Chanel ones 😦 There is only silver left for YSL while the other brands are all in gold. Hehe, I’ll try to put these on my nails someday.

Microbeads, $3 each

I did buy coloured microbeads from eBay but they came in lots of different colours but not gold and silver. Also, the ones that I got from eBay didn’t have such user-friendly packaging as these. They came in bottles with the cap completely shut and there’s no way to get the beads out. My brother suggested putting the bottles in a plastic bag and hit them with a hammer so that the bottle will break and I can transfer the beads to another place. Great idea!

Alright, that’s about it! πŸ™‚ Bye~