Gel Mani: Christmas Mashup

Angelia wanted a mix of everything, design taken from the internet! There’s checks, teddy bear, Christmas tree and snowflakes! Woohoo, totally into the festive mood after doing this 😀

 photo IMG_1948copy.jpg

My favourite is the Christmas tree, done with marbling! Also embellished with lots of coloured crystals ❤

 photo IMG_1950copy.jpg


Gel Mani: Ribbons

This design was posted by Ying for Lancome lookbook! Audrey loved the design and told me to recreate it using similar colours!

 photo DSCN3339copy_zpscf444cc8.jpg

I used Angel Pro #13, #35 and Orly Gel FX Luxe! Initially wanted to place some studs on the ribbons’ center but however my studs isn’t suitable as it was too big so we switched it up with gold gel polish instead!

 photo DSCN3338copy_zpsfc02aee7.jpg

 photo DSCN3340copy_zps48b5dd1d.jpg

Gel Mani: Dancing Ribbons

Silly me forgot to take pics of Shu Jun’s mani ;( but luckily I have nice customers that don’t mind sending me theirs! ;D

Half-moons with simple ribbons, I love these! Makes me happy when I look at them!

 photo IMG_6760copy_zps7fc405b3.jpg

Gel Mani: Blue Meshup

A very bold daring set for my boyfriend’s mum for CNY! Love love this set! My bf’s mum had lots of people complimenting too 😉

 photo IMG_6783copy_zpsfc73473f.jpg

I used Angel Pro #29, #138, Gelle 177, Nfu Oh European Life 10 and Orly Gel FX Luxe! Initially wanted to colour in the ribbons but decided not to so that the leopard print will stand out from the background! I also like the colour blocking design with the leopard print 😀

 photo IMG_6781copy_zps6122300c.jpg

 photo IMG_6785copy_zpsdcdec27e.jpg

Gel Mani: Red Siren

Irene showed me a design from Cynful Nails and I simplified a whole lot because she did not want anything too fancy for CNY!


I used Angel Pro #35, Orly Gel FX Luxe and Gelish Good Gossip! I absolutely love the little dash of leopard prints, it really makes the red stand out!! 😀




Gel Mani: Diamonds & Doodles

Angelia showed me pics from Girls Pic app and I did a mix of the designs! She wanted a pink/blue theme for CNY and we kept to that colour scheme.


I used Angel Pro #3, #21, #25, #47 and Orly Gel FX Luxe! Angelia wanted to try the famous tweed design and also some cute doodling. I drew the words and outlines of the diamond using black acrylic paint 🙂 this is very girly! I love this!