Gel Mani: Glamour in Red

My bf’s mum wanted silver gradient so I did that and added some realistic stickers of roses and crystals!

 photo IMG_1568copy.jpg

I loved how elegant it looks! Also it’s much more sparkly in real life because I did a mix of two glitters from NfuOh and Harmony Gelish!

 photo IMG_1571copy.jpg


Gel Mani: Leopard Maniac

Kaylee showed me a design from the internet and we switched it up to purple from the original black for her annual D&D!

 photo DSCN3810copy.jpg

Love how the purple French tips contrast with the stark black leopard prints! Also added two black ribbon charms to complete the look! I used one of my favorite purples from NfuOh! 🙂

 photo DSCN3812copy.jpg

 photo DSCN3811copy.jpg

 photo DSCN3813copy.jpg

Gel Mani: Gaga for Silver

Jiahui wanted something simple for her vacation! Super bling in real life! 🙂

 photo DSCN3770copy.jpg

I had to use 3 different types of silver polish to get this effect! 😀 Love the gradient effect it gave! She also added stickers from my big stash of Japanese stickers ^^

 photo DSCN3768copy.jpg

 photo DSCN3767copy.jpg

 photo DSCN3772copy.jpg

Gel Mani: Heart Tips x Leopard

Ruping chose heart tips and matching colored leopard print! I actually forgot to post her previous mani so lookout in the next post!

And sorry for not posting for the past few days, got really tired from uni 😦

 photo DSCN3729copy_zpsc4f69fdb.jpg

Anyway I’m not going to list the colors so do look out for the tags!

 photo DSCN3731copy_zps52bfb10e.jpg

 photo DSCN3732copy_zpscabec05c.jpg

Gel Mani: Bridal Lace

Chloe wanted some lace stickers and bling for her bridal photoshoot and here’s what we’ve come up with!

I did a mix of Sha-Nail Pro heart stickers with the ever-popular straight lace ones with bling!

 photo DSCN3369copy_zps4ff437f8.jpg

I love how the bling is concentrated on her ring finger, it will make her wedding ring extra sparkly! 😀

Congratulations Chloe! 🙂

 photo DSCN3368copy_zps76490d85.jpg