Angel Pro Gelly Festive Bling Review

Hello all, a very special post today! Recently, Angel Pro released 100 new fabulous colours into their collection so they have a total of 147 colours as of today! I think I mentioned it before in another post so do click here for more information.

As an Angel Pro ambassador, I was given a set of festive blings for testing and review and I love all the colours that I’ve received! ❤ Thank you Angel Pro for being so generous! 😀

 photo IMG_6716copy_zps2bf7dea1.jpg

The colours that I’ve received are: #122, #124, #137 and #138.

 photo IMG_6713copy_zps046fbc5a.jpg

 photo IMG_6715copy_zps5cc19a57.jpg

#122: metallic purple with pink shimmer
#124: cool toned metallic silver
#137: thick confetti field green glitter with small sized hexagon glitter suspended in a light green jelly base
#138: thick cobalt blue glitter with small and medium sized hexagon glitter suspended in a light blue jelly base

All are very thick and concentrated, therefore only 2 coats is needed. However, I find that the glitters #137 and #138 might need an additional top coat so that it will not feel ‘gritty’ to the touch. (This is because there’s too much glitter packed into a small bottle!! Now, that is a good thing too!) My personal favourite is #138 as I love that it displays a ‘galaxy’ feel and all I need is just two coats! I used it on my clients and they love it as well! Its rare to come across such great glitters from any gel brands and I’m glad Angel Pro did it!

To purchase Angel Pro Gelly colours, do come down to:
Pink Room International Nail Academy
10 Anson Road, #15-06
International Plaza
Singapore 079903

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday : 11:30 AM – 9:30 PM
Saturday : 11:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday : Closed

Retails for $21/bottle, >24 bottles will be $19/bottle.


Beauty Asia 2013 Haul!

Yay finally ended my exams in my final year of Poly and I get to go to Beauty Asia on the last day!! I went with Ann and had a blast grabbing good deals with her! So here’s what I’ve purchased yesterday…


Cuccio lotions – $9.60 (small), $29.60 (huge)
Files – $15
Buffers – $5
Nail Tek base coats – $6.50/each
Metal foot file – $35
Huge disco balls – $1/each (!!!, unfortunately not many nice colours are left…)
GellyFit matte gel top coat – $19.20 (WTF I’m so interested to try it!!! Matte gel nails woohoo!!!)
Acetone pump – $16 (usual price)
Vivcat Gembox – 2 for $30 (usual price was 1 for $24.95!!!)
ONS acrylic coloured powders – $90/set, buy 3 sets and get a free gel book by Catherine Wong worth $130 (Lol I have like 7 sets of their collections now! ^^)
ONS acrylic clear powders – 2 for $60, original price at 1 for $50 (I regretted not buying more of these because I am going to practice ALOT for my upcoming ONS exam)

Omg, spent so much yesterday… and yet I intend to get more Angel Pro Gelly colours next week… Yikes!!!

Anyway, I find that this year has lesser makeup booths as compared to last year’s… more of nail stuff this year which is so awesome!!! And also got to know many other gel brands, there’s one eco-friendly organic gel and has a green packaging, very go-green cute la! And also a new brand from Korea called GellyFit, sigh wanted to purchase some to try but for a certain range, you have to buy the entire collection of 48 colours! D:

And that’s it for my haul! Actually I didn’t buy alot as compared to my other nailists friends hahahaha!!! 😉

Quality V.S. Price

Yesterday, I received a text message asking about the prices of my extensions with gel French manicure. Let’s call this person Miss X.

After I quoted her the estimated price, she exclaimed that Bugis is only charging $60 whilst I quoted her $100. (And she was pretty rude about it to me too, how nasty!) Hmmm… I don’t know about certain salons but I’m highly confident that you can’t get sculptured acrylic extensions + gel french manicure at $60 at Bugis. I’ve worked at a salon before for 3 months and I do know the market price for such services.

Anyway, this is not the main focus of my post. The main thing is… You should not be comparing prices of a home-salon to an outside salon. This is because I spent over $10k getting myself educated on nail technology, and I have adequate experience on extensions and gel nails. Therefore, you can be assured that your nails are in good hands of a certified professional. Also, the products I use at my home salon are top quality, I use USA products for acrylic, Korea/Japan/USA for gel and exquisite ultra thin Japanese stickers and embellishments. I spend lots of time, effort and money to get myself educated and so I don’t think its fair to me when you compare my prices to an outside salon.

Why would you want to get your nails done for dirt cheap when the quality of the nails done isn’t there? It’s the same for beauty and cosmetic products. I’m sure most people wouldn’t want to put cheap products on their faces which can lead to potential breakouts. This is the exact same concept for nails. ‘Cheap nails ain’t nice and nice nails ain’t cheap’.

And how can you be sure that the nail technician/manicurist attending to you is amply qualified? Does the salon display certifications of their manicurists? Does she know the correct procedures and basic theory? These are some questions to keep in mind if you’re considering to get your nails done at a outside salon. This is because Singapore’s nail industry does not require a license to operate a nail salon, so therefore any Tom Dick or Harry is able to call themselves a ‘nail manicurist/technician’ without receiving proper education and training. Some of my clients experienced bad behaviors at the salon they went previously, especially for soft gel removal. Most salons do not follow the soak-off method, they file it off completely. This is VERY DAMAGING to your nails because the filing process takes away layers and layers of your nails and eventually they will be super weak and thin and sometimes it hurts pretty badly. And there’s always rumors that continuously doing gel manicures will lead to weak nails and you’d need to ‘rest’ your nails in between manicures. That is not true. It becomes weak because of the incompetency of the nail technician and the way she removes that gel polish off your nails. Therefore, it isn’t gel that is making your nails weak, its the nail technician that you’ve trusted your nails with!!! I can proudly say that most of my clients do gel manicures with me continuously, set after a set, and their nails did not become weak at all, this is because I treat their nails with care and apply the correct procedures.

So before you start comparing prices, why not take a look at what products they are using?? Most outside salons use gel/acrylic products from China (because the cost price is cheap and hence more profit for them) which are smelly, super thick and groopy and they will not last long. In fact, they might even harm your nails in the long-run!!

Well, I believe in ‘一分钱,一分货’. A penny well spent is a dime earned. So do more research before committing yourself to a salon to get your nails done, be it for a special event or just for a casual outing; because it will either make your day or wreck it!

P.S. I checked on Miss X’s instagram on pics of her previous extensions and they were way below average in terms of appearance. (No c-curve, extensions were crooked, french smile lines is flat and straight, no arch etc) So this proves my stand… how much you pay is what quality you’re gonna get 🙂

I hope this post was helpful 🙂 Merry X’mas to all of you!

300 Likes Giveaway on Facebook! (INTERNATIONAL)

Hey guys! I finally had the time to purchase a gift for my 300 Likes giveaway on Facebook! I’ll be giving away:

1x OPI 007 James Bond Mini Collection to one lucky winner!


Details of the giveaway is on my Facebook page here:

Remember to read the rules carefully! You must ‘LIKE’ my FACEBOOK PAGE and SHARE my status update on the giveaway and then send me a SCREENSHOT to my email at to qualify! Just three simple steps and stand a chance to win this mini collection!

Giveaway will be closed on 25th December 12pm (GMT +8) and the winner will be notified that week!

This is just a goodwill gesture to thank you so much for supporting Mental For Polish! 😀

NA3 Homework: Sweet Desserts

Phew I’ve finally finished my homework for my upcoming diploma exam this Sunday!!! I really hope I can do well and get a diploma cert for my nail technology course 😀

Anyway, this is the set I’ve come up with for my homework and the theme is Sweet Desserts! Seriously I love eating sweet things and it was quite challenging to come up with this set. I actually did 6 of the tips 2-3 months ago and then the remaining 4 tips this week! (I know, school was being such an ass sometimes!)

I used a bunch of colours for this but I’m not gonna mention them here because it’d take ages!!!

I love this set too, my favourite is the cupcake nail with the pocky sticks and also my gumdrop cone, haha!


More Nfu Oh Gelist colours!

So… because I’m attracted to all things shiny and shimmery, I picked out 10 more shimmery gel colours from Nfu Oh for my beloved clients (and myself!) YAY!

This time I picked all 10 colours from the European Life and Pearl Rainbow series. Picking 10 colours out of about 100 colours from this two collections does make me abit giddy! SO HARD TO CHOOSE! (I’ll update here next time on the names for each polish and also for my previous Nfu Oh post for those who’re keen on swatches!)

My iPhone seems to pick up all the colours quite accurately! 🙂 Pretty!





I’d definitely pick one of these shimmery colours for my toes next month! ^^

Nfu Oh Gelist!

Yes… I splurged to bring you 20 new and gorgeous colours from this beautiful premium line from Korea! Love the exquisite and well-made corset design! Btw, Nfu Oh has over 500 gel colours… it was insane trying to pick out 20 for myself :O

And when I was swatching the colours, I was so awe-strucked! The colours are so beautiful!!!! All the swatches here are 2 coats, the creme colours showed up really well, I’m in love! Also, the consistency is really smooth!


Not only did I bring glitters in, I brought in sweet pastels and nudes!!! 😀


I really love the glitters from this line, very huge chunky glitters and all swatches here are 2 coats only! Unfortunately the red glitter was out of stock, I wanted to get it for Christmas and CNY! 😦


MOUTH-WATERING PASTELS!!! Actually, the nudes that I’ve picked out are very gorgeous as well! I picked 3 nudes, hopefully able to match my clients’ skintones 😉



All these colours are now available at Mental For Polish, hooray!! To existing and new customers, do remember to check my Service Menu tab as there is slight changes in the pricing for different soft gels in the market! 🙂

NA3: Airbrush Lesson!

Finally… its airbrush lessons!!! This was one of the lessons that I was looking forward to in learning months ago! However, before I start talking about my learning experience, I wasn’t too delighted in paying $20 for the rental of the airbrush gun (actually we handed $120 to them; $100 was the deposit) for my 6-hour lesson. Reason being is that… shouldn’t it be included in my course fees already?!?! I understand that the other $100 collected for the deposit is IF the students damaged the gun during the lesson but I feel that the fees collected for the rental is absurd. Oh well… :/ just my humble opinion!


Here’s the airbrush gun that I rented from the school!


And then we spent about 1.5-2 hours to control the airbrush by making small, medium and large sized dots! I thought it would be fairly easy, just like spraying paint out of a can! However, it is pretty difficult to control and my hands got really tired at holding the airbrush gun!


Moving on to more exciting things… spraying it on stencils!



And here’s my final work after the 6 hours! There should be more tips displayed but I wrecked them all due to poor control 😦 I picked out the best works to be photographed! We actually did a cloud + balloon design but I messed up the balloon and threw it away in the end! 😦

P.S. as of today, I’ve already completed my Pink Room lessons!! Yippee… So now I’m preparing for my upcoming extension exams!

100 New AngelPro Gelly Colours!

Yes… you’ve read it right! Angel Pro has came up with 100 new concoctions of glitter, pastel, shimmery, nudes, frost colours! So yummy!!!!


Okay, my favourite series from these 100 colours are GP57-63, GP71-77, GP92-98, GP134-140 and lastly GP141-147!!! I think I might splurge on the series that I’ve just mentioned because the swatches are just too pretty to resist!!! 🙂

For my fellow nail technicians and DIY-ers, the preorder starts now! Do come down to Pink Room International Nail Academy located at International Plaza Level 15th (turns out my nail school is not shifting anymore until next year :D) to preorder these babies at a special price!

Pricing as follows:
$21/bottle if you preorder before November
$18/bottle if you order 24 bottles and above
$16.50/bottle if you order ALL 100 bottles!

Do note that the deadline for preorder is 31st October, so hurry down now to place your orders! After the deadline, the prices for the Angel Pro Gelly will be increased! (I do not know the pricing after the deadline yet) Stocks will only arrive in November! Unfortunately… Pink Room International Nail Academy does not have any swatches of the colours yet so you’ll have to rely on the image above to make your choice! 😦 So therefore, do more research by looking through all the photos on Angel Pro Nail SG Facebook!

P.S. To my clients: you’ll be spoilt for choice at my home-based salon in the future! 😛

NA3: 4D

Hmm, this isn’t exactly 4D but I’d like to call them that anyway! This is supposed to be called 3D in nailist terms but since most people confuse embossed art as 3D, I decided to call them 4D instead to ease the confusion!

Omg, the results looks pretty cute but lots of effort for one rose! Added some ‘satin ribbons’ and it ended up looking abit too big for my bouquet…


… So I added more roses to the bundle! Love it! But I wonder how am I going to stick it onto my nail…


Lastly we did a more advanced 4D flower… I shall call this my version of Frangipani! Lol, looks TOO BIG to be on the nail, I think it will look cuter as a brooch or a hairclip! 😀