Appointment Availability

Hi everyone, this page will be updated frequently with slot availability, so therefore please check back now and then if you want to get your nails done. I am based at SERANGOON. Only slots listed below are available. I will not reply to any questions pertaining to my basic services as prices are all stated very clearly on Service Menu. Kindly read all my terms and conditions below before confirming your slot. Once slot is confirmed, it is deemed that you have read and accepted all my Terms & Conditions. Thank you!

I currently work every weekend 10am to 5pm. Pls text 91688232 to enquire on slot availability. I will no longer update slots in this page 🙂



10 thoughts on “Appointment Availability

  1. Hi,
    Im Eileen, i will be having a wedding dinner on 22-Dec-2012, would to make an appointment on 21st December, Friday.

    Mani & Pedi.

    Thank You!

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