Etude House High Heel Pedicure 05


Hello today I have a polish from Etude House from their High Heel collection. But before I begin, Hotmail totally ruin my lovely morning. My main email account is blocked because apparently people have been sending me spam mails. (Why is the victim getting blocked anyway???) I can’t access it and I can’t login into msn either. They sent me a verification code to an old email which I can’t get any access to because everytime I type in: it leads me to the faulty page where I have to enter a the verification code. How am I supposed to login to my other account if I can’t login to my other hotmail account?? So frustrating. Anyone have similar problems like this before???

Okay back to polish… I’ve never understood why a collection is named ‘High Heel’. Is it only for your toes??? LOL. Anyway, what drew me in to buying this polish was because it is so glittery with small round and hexagon glitters! Seemed to be in the same family as Deborah Lippmann’s Across The Universe, haha! There’s a another polish from Etude House that is from the same family (by saying that, i meant the 2 polishes have the same finishes and same glitters in them!) which I own I think its called Etude House High Heel Pedicure 04

Etude House High Heel polishes retail for $3.90 and I think they’re worth the price because of their chunky goodness! Check it out…

With flash:


Artificial Light:







I did 2 coats of Etude House High Heel Pedicure 05 and 1 coat of Seche Vite. Definitely need a thick topcoat because this glitter polish is sooo chunky! But the colour payoff was really good, you can totally get away with 1 coat! That’s awesome for a $3.90 polish! I’d probably edit this post to talk about removal issues. I think these might be hard to remove because of all the glitter.

EDIT: IT’S A PAIN TO REMOVE GLITTER. 😦 There’s abit of staining at my cuticles 😦

🙂 Thanks for looking


4 thoughts on “Etude House High Heel Pedicure 05

  1. Urgh I hate hotmail. I switched to gmail long ago and I don’t even touch hotmail now. Gorgeous blue polish! I’m so tempted to go and get it myself!

  2. Oh this colour is awesome! I shall go crazy swatching when I go to Korea, time to buy more Etude house polishes. I’ve never tried polish from this range, I usually get the ones that come in the heart shaped bottle

    • Oh you are going Korea soon? That’s awesome! I went there when I was 6 and that was ages ago!!! Lol. Oh I love those in heart-shaped bottles but they’re kinda expensive like $7.90? I rather buy OPI hahaha

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